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  Download Spanish Dance Society International Summer Course application form here


Date: Fri 27th – Tue 31st July 2018


The SDS takes pleasure in announcing the faculty for the International Summer School 2016. We look forward to welcoming our members and friends to another exciting course.

The SDS International Summer School provides the ideal opportunity to capture the atmosphere of Spanish Dance in a friendly environment. Join us and experience an intensive study period with an expert team of teachers offering you the chance to develop your existing skills, increase your knowledge and create new opportunities.

Tamara was born in Montilla, Córdoba in 1978. She began her dance studies at age six in various disciplines such as flamenco, classical ballet, contemporary and Spanish dance, obtaining honours in the Royal Academy of Dance examinations.

In 1998 she finished her studies in Ballet and Spanish Dance in the conservatories of Seville and Malaga, graduating outstandingly. The following year she moved to Seville to pursue her studies with master Manolo Marín. She has also worked with Javier Latorre, Manolete, Merche Esmeralda, Belén Maya, Victor Ullate, and Ramón Oller among others.
In September 2000 under the direction of Aída Gómez she began what was a 12 year long trajectory in the Ballet Nacional de España in which she interpreted numerous works such as “Danza y Tronío” by Mariemma, “Concierto de Aranjuez” by Pilar López, “Cambalache” by Antonio Canales & “Leyenda” by José Antonio, this latter one as a soloist.
As a principal dancer she has had the pleasure of starring in some of the most important works of Spanish dance such as “Medea” by José Granero and “Fuenteovejuna” by Antonio Gades, taking lead roles such as “Creusa” and “Laurencia”, respectively. She has also performed in “Claro de Luna” by José Antonio, previously interpreted exclusively by Makarova and Lola Greco and “El Loco” as “Tamara Karsavina” in Javier Latorre´s choreography, released in the Royal Theatre in September 2004 and in The Gran Teatre Liceu in October of the following year.

During her stay in the Ballet Nacional she had the pleasure of meeting and working with figures such as: Teresa Nieto, Juanjo Linares, Alberto Lorca, Pilar López, José Granero and Antonio Gades.
In 2004 she contributed as a guest artist in Australia´s “Adelaide Dance Festival”.
In 2009 she was invited by Shoji Kojima, director of the company with the same name to participate in the direction and coordination of “La Celestina” a choreographic work by Javier Latorre with the music of the great flamenco guitarist Chicuelo.
In 2012 she completed her 12 year long journey in the Ballet Nacional de España and participated as a soloist in the show “La Otra Piel” with success from the critics both in Seville´s Flamenco Biennial and Jerez´s Flamenco Festival.
In April 2013 she was invited to participate in the show “Las Santas de Zurbarán” by flamenco dancer and choreographer Eva la Yerbabuena. Later in May that same year she was invited by Aida Gómez to participate in the “Gala Estrellas de la Danza” held in Pozuelo de Alarcón.

Tamara has shared the stage with illustrious figures of music such as Manolo Sanlucar, Juan Manuel Cañizares, Juan Gómez “Chicuelo”, José Antonio Rodríguez, Chano Domínguez, Esperanza Fernandez, and José Pons amongst many others.
She has been invited to teach by Japan´s National Ballet and has taught multiple courses of Spanish dance and flamenco in cities such as London, Chicago, Bangkok, Moscow and Athens. She is now director and instructor at her studio Flamencodanza.This will be Tamara's fourth invitation to teach on behalf of the SDS and we would like to welcome her to London. She is both a wonderful dancer and teacher.  
Cristian was born in Barcelona 1979. He began his dance studies at the age of seven in several disciplines such as classical ballet, jazz, contemporary dance, Spanish dance and flamenco.
He received his first contract in the Compañia de Baile Español Manuel Nuñez and continued to work with other companies: Color Danza, Increpación, José Vega´s ballet and the Nuevo Ballet Español directed by Carlos Rodríguez and Angel Rojas, with whom he premiered very successful performances such as “Sangre” and “Flamenco directo”.

In September 2000 and under the direction of Aída Gómez he joined the Ballet Nacional de España in which he interpreted numerous works and choreographies such as “Grito” by Antonio Canales, “Concierto de Aranjuez” choreographed by Pilar López and performed with Lola Greco, “Ilusiones FM” by María Pagés” & “Leyenda” by José Antonio as a soloist.

As a principal dancer he has had the pleasure of performing one of some of Spain´s most important works such as   “Medea” by José Granero, “Fuenteovejuna” by Antonio Gades, “Elegía” by José Antonio, “Taranto” by Antonio Canales and “El Loco” choreographed by Javier Latorre.
In 2004 he was invited as guest artist to the “Adelaide Dance Festival” in Australia.
In 2007 he joined the company of Aida Gómez as a principal dancer and simultaneously became a guest artist in the company Metros directed by Ramón Oller. That same year he participated in the 31st Spanish and Flamenco Dance Festival in Chicago.
In May 2008 he choreographed and interpreted “Asturias” for the show “Permíteme Bailarte” by Aida Gómez premiered in the Albéniz Theatre in Madrid. Later that year he premiered with Antonio Canales´ Company “La Casa de Bernarda Alba” interpreting the role of “Poncia” gaining high praise from the critics.
In December 2009 he was invited by Shoji Kojima to participate in the direction and coordination of “La Celestina” a piece choreographed by Javier Latorre with music of Chicuelo, premiered in “Le Theatre Ginza” and considered the best dance work to be performed in Japan in the XXI century.

During the Jerez flamenco festival he participated in a tribute to Fernando Belmonte invited by the company of Joaquin Grilo, gaining the prize of the audience.
In January 2012 he performed as a guest artist in the USA tour of the Ensemble Español, with great success from the critics in cities such as Saint Louis, Kansas and Chicago amongst others.

That same year he contributed as a guest artist along other stars of dance in a tribute to Alicia Alonso in Madrid´s Zarzuela theatre honoured by the presence of Her Majesty Queen Sophia of Spain.
The following year he moved to Seville where he worked in Eva La Yerbabuena´s Company for the XVII Jerez Flamenco Festival and in the Flamenco Biennial of Paris.
As a teacher he has taught in several conservatories in Spain, U.K, France, Italy, Thailand and Korea and he has also been invited to be a guest teacher by Chicago´s Ensemble Español in the North Eastern Illinois University during their festivals in 2007, 2008 and 2009. Christian also teaches in Fundación Conservatorio Flamenco & Casa Patas in Madrid.
Christian Lozano shared the stage with a list of great musicians and directors, whom among them were: Josep Pons, Eugene Kohn, Manolo Sanlucar, Chano Dominguez, Jose Antonio Rodriguez, Juan Manuel Cañizares, Juan Gómez “Chicuelo”, Plácido Domingo, María Bayo, Remedios Amaya y Esperanza Fernández and more.
Cristian has taught for the SDS on many occasions and we are delighted that he has accepted to teach for the Society. Undoubtedly the participants will benefit from his wonderful teaching.
Ángel was born in 1986. He has made an extensive study of dance in all the styles of Spanish dance learning with wonderful teachers such as Eloy Pericet, Paco Romero, Manolo Marin, Juanjo Linares, Victoria Eugenia, Matilde Coral, Javier Latorre, Belén Maya, Antonio Najarro and Andrés Marin.
His professional experience is vast and he worked with world renowned dancers and companies. He appeared with Eve Yerbabuena in 'Apariencias' at the XX Festival de Jerez; travelled with Cristina Hoyos's company to China performing in her show 'Viaje al Sur' & 'Poema del Cante Jondo' and danced in 'Fatum' a collaboration between Shoji Kojima and Javier Latorre.
Under the direction of Rubén Olmo he was a member of the Ballet Flamenco de Andalucia in the productions of 'Metáfora' & 'Llanto' and still working with Rubén Olmo he was employed in his company performing in 'Tranquilo Alboroto' at the Bienal de Flamenco de Sevilla.
In Aida Gómez's company he took part in 'Permiteme Bailarte' and 'Carmen'. He also entered into the company of Miguel Ángel Berna; performed in the dance interludes of the Zarzuela and has danced at the tablao in Seville - El Patio Sevillano and El Callejon del Embrujo.
Ángel teaches at the school of Tamara Lopez whenever she or her sister are away performing and comes highly recommended by Cristian Lozano who states that he is a very patient teacher. The SDS looks forward to welcoming him to his second engagement with the Society.               


Angus started listening to flamenco records in his late teens and was greatly inspired by what he heard. He has made an intensive study of flamenco, always striving to learn more. He is a very familiar figure at the SDS Summer School, playing for top guest teachers as well as conducting constructive palmas classes. He has played for many years for SDS examinations and has proved to be a very valuable guitarist not only for the SDS but also for many schools and professionals, giving everyone his support and help. The SDS would like to take this opportunity to thank him and welcome him to yet another Summer School.

MARK BROWN (Guitarist)
Mark commenced playing in Glasgow at an early age. After some time in London he went to live in Barcelona. He has played in top tablaos in Spain and worked with many professional dancers and singers in the UK. He plays for many courses in London and is well known for his palmas and cajon classes. He has a home in Spain and it is always a pleasure to have him back in the UK. We are delighted to welcome him to his eleventh SDS course! 

DATE: Friday 27th – Tuesday 31st July 2018

VENUE: The Dance Attic,

368 North End Road, FulhamLondon SW 16 1 LY                

Tel: 0207 610 20 55

              (Nearest Tube: Fulham Broadway – 5 minutes’ walk)         

Full course (non SDS members)                                £200.00
SDS fully subscribed students / members (PAE-TAE) £180.00
Daily fee (members and non-members)                       £  65.00


There will be 3 classes daily for each level. Live musicians will accompany the flamenco classes. On the last day the participants will have the opportunity to demonstrate the work that they have achieved during the course.

Kindly Note: In order to avoid over-crowded classes, participants are to choose and attend one class level throughout the course. 

LEVEL 1 Basic Foundation/Improvers Course: Participants should have some basic knowledge of Spanish Dance technique. Ideal for those participants wishing to strengthen their technique and style and secure their compás (SDS Ingreso-Segundo Año or up to 3 years of solid training).   

LEVEL 2 Consolidation Course (Elementary/Lower Intermediate): Participants should have a moderate technique, a fair knowledge of Spanish Dance, an understanding of the compás and be able to ‘pick up’ fairly easily.  Ideal for those participants wishing to be challenged (SDS Tercer Año- Primer Año Estudiante or 4-6 years solid training).

LEVEL 3Performance Course (Higher Intermediate/Advanced):Participants should have a solid technique and compás, sound knowledge of Spanish Dance and be able to learn at a good pace. Ideal for participants wishing to work at a high level (SDS Segundo Año Estudiante- Tercer Año Estudiante or over 7 years solid training).




Date:          23rd July 2017
Time:          10.00 - 10.45
Venue:        The Dance Attic, London

The meeting is open to fully subscribed SDS student members and SDS Teachers. Please support the AGM.

  Download Spanish Dance Society International Summer Course application form here




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