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  Download Spanish Dance Society International Summer Course application form here


Date: 21st – 25th July 2017


The SDS takes pleasure in announcing the faculty for the International Summer School 2017. We look forward to welcoming our members and friends to another exciting course.

The SDS International Summer School provides the ideal opportunity to capture the atmosphere of Spanish Dance in a friendly environment. Join us and experience an intensive study period with an expert team of teachers offering you the chance to develop your existing skills, increase your knowledge and create new opportunities.


Alejandro graduated from the Real Conservatorio Profesional de Danza Mariemma. He won the first prize for choreography in the XIX Certamen de Coreografia de Danza Española and Flamenco with his piece ‘Tengo Una Debilidad’ and continues to choreography for various institutions.

He is an ex-member of the Ballet Nacional de España and has performed in numerous companies such as Javier la Torre, Jean Albert Cartier, Europa Danse, Carmen Cantero and G9 Danza. He is no stranger to the UK as he has been performing with Flamenco Express for a considerable time. He has taught abroad in many countries and this is his first engagement with the SDS. We would like to extend a warm welcome to Alejandro!
La Popi (Cecilia Lizcano Brunete) was born in Madrid in 1976, and began dance lessons at the age of five years old. She specialised in Spanish Dance and Flamenco both as a dancer and teacher.
From 1981 to 1993 she studied at the School Marta Vega, obtaining notable results through the ‘Real Conservatorio de Danza Mariemma de Madrid’ in the category of Spanish Dance and Flamenco. She has participated in several courses of the Association of Professional Dance and additionally studied with renowned teachers such as El Güito, Manolete, Belen Maya, Belen Fernández, Carmen Cortes, Antonio Canales, Domingo Ortega, Rafaela Carrasco, Cristobal Reyes, Manuel Linan, Paco Romero, Maestro Granero and Pedro Azorín.
Her professional career has been plentiful and she has performed in the companies of El Güito, Manolete, Carmen Cortés, Blanca del Rey, Rafael Amargo, Domingo Ortega, José Manuel Huertas, Pepe Flores, & Lola, Carmela y José Greco.  La Popi, as well as appearing in theatres and tablaos Spain, she has worked abroad in many countries – France, Portugal, Mexico, Italy & the USA.
Her teaching in Spain includes the Academia de La Vega Marta & Centro de Danza Maria Rosa, guest teacher at the Conservatoria Superior de la Danza María de Ávila, and abroad in Italy, Japan, New Mexico. This is La Popi’s first visit on behalf of the SDS and we look forward to welcoming her to London!
Virginia Domínguez began dancing at the age of seven. She obtained a degree in Spanish Dance at the Conservatory of Madrid. She studied Classical Ballet, Danza Estilizada, Escuela Bolera, Folklore, Flamenco, Modern and Contemporary with outstanding teachers such as Merche Esmeralda, José Granero, Julia Estévez, Pedro Azorín, Juanjo Linares, Eloy Pericet, Paco Fernandez, Ciro, Victoria Eugenia and Paco Romero. She has choreographed for TV programmes using her own dance company and has performed internationally in the companies of Luisillo, MªRosa, Merche Esmeralda, Rafael Aguilar, Elvira Andrés, Nuevo Ballet Español, Paco Peña, Antonio Gades, Joaquín Cortés and Antonio Marquez. She has been invited several times by the Paco Peña Company to perform as a principal dancer along with Liverpool, Haley, BBC and The Royal Philarmonic Orchestras at Kenwood and the Royal Albert Hall in the UK. Her most significant roles as a principle dancer include the lead in “Bodas de Sangre”, “Carmen”, “La Musa”, “Sinfonía Española”, “La Dolores” and “El Rocío”.

Besides her performances for all these companies she teaches and has done numerous Summer Schools for the Royal Academy of Dance. Currently she is the ‘Directora del Conservatorio Profesional de Danza Fortea de Madrid’. She is also a graduate from the Law University of Madrid.

This is Virginia’s fourth visit to London but she has taught at other SDS centres in the past. Participants always love her classes as they gain so much from her knowledge and experience. The SDS is delighted that Virginia is returning to London!  

 (LEVEL 1A Flamenco & LEVEL 1B Bulerias)
Gemma started dancing at the age of 10 years and studied at the Real Conservatorio in Madrid. She furthered her training at the studios of Amor de Dios with well-known teachers. Her professional career has spanned many years, performing in top theatres in Spain and other countries, as well as dancing in established tablaos. She has been involved in recording music for the film ‘The Mask of Zorro’, has appeared on television numerous occasions and has collaborated in many musical videos. She was one of the main dancers in ‘Carmen’ at the Royal Opera House, London, choreographed by Cristina Hoyos. Gemma is fortunate in being able to combine her professional dancing with her teaching. She divides her time between Madrid and the UK where in both countries she teaches privately and gives regular classes. She is a well-known figure in the UK! She has conducted numerous courses in Spain, Japan, Venezuela, Greece (for the SDS), Belgium and the UK. Gemma is a talented and fantastic teacher and she has taught for the SDS on several occasions. Her careful and clear explanations ensure that the students always learn the steps well! We are pleased to have her back on our faculty!   

Antonio was born in Málalga and commenced flamenco, Escuela Bolera, Classical and Traditional Spanish dance at the Escuela de Baile de Isabel Celis. Being an academic person he read about Flamenco, its origins and forms and realised that Flamenco was closely linked to folk dance and its music and whilst there were many books about Flamenco, there was little research on about traditional music. This enthused him to study folk music and dance resulting in Antonio dedicating many years to this topic.

His knowledge is extensive, notably in the folk dances from Andalucia, including Fandangos, Verdiales, Seguidillas, Jotas, Dawn rosary music and Christmas carols. It was the committed folk researcher and teacher Juan Navarro who taught him most of his material, which enabled him to perform with many folk groups. He has worked in Germany, the UK, Italy and Portugal as well as many towns all over Spain. He has won several prizes in Verdiales dance and was awarded second place in the National Sevillanas competition in Torremolinos in 2002. Antonio teaches Spanish language and has a degree in translation and interpreting. He has taught at several of the SDS International Summer Schools in the UK and fun is always had by all. We are pleased to welcome him back this year!       

Judith is a very valued member of the UK & European Executive Committee. She has been part of the SDS Summer School for many years in the capacity of pianist as well as assistant to the UK & European Executive Administrator. She was Head of Pianists at Elmhurst School for Dance in Camberley until her retirement. She specialises in playing for Spanish dance and guest teachers have always complimented her on her excellent accompaniment. The SDS would like to take this opportunity to thank her for her hard work and welcome her yet again to another summer school!

Angus started listening to flamenco records in his late teens and was greatly inspired by what he heard. He has made an intensive study of flamenco, always striving to learn more. He is a very familiar figure at the SDS Summer School, playing for top guest teachers as well as conducting constructive palmas classes. He has played for many years for SDS examinations and has proved to be a very valuable guitarist not only for the SDS but also for many schools and professionals, giving everyone his support and help. The SDS would like to take this opportunity to thank him and welcome him to yet another Summer School.

MARK BROWN (Guitarist)
Mark commenced playing in Glasgow at an early age. After some time in London he went to live in Barcelona. He has played in top tablaos in Spain and worked with many professional dancers and singers in the UK. He plays for many courses in London and is well known for his palmas and cajon classes. He has a home in Spain and it is always a pleasure to have him back in the UK. We are delighted to welcome him to his tenth SDS course! 

Tony has had more than 30 years’ professional experience. Based in London, he has performed in Spain, Bangladesh, India, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Japan, Australia, Morocco, Ireland, Germany, Denmark and France. Recent performances include the World Spirit Festival in Jodhpur, India, and ‘Sufifests’ in Goa, Kolkota and Dhaka, The Edinburgh Festival (with “Zik’r”) and the Biennale of Marrakech. He learnt dance accompaniment in Madrid, in the 1980’s, at the “Amor de Dios” flamenco dance studios, and with teachers including Juan Maya “Marote" and Gerardo Nuñez. Has also studied jazz guitar, as part of his Bachelor of Music degree from City University, London. In 2012 Tony took part in a unique dance project entitled Interwoven, which fused Flamenco and Bulgarian folk styles with contemporary dance, and performed to acclaim in Granada, Sofia and London. He has played for dance workshops by leading Flamenco artists including Antonio Canales, Olga Pericet and Manolo Marin and Mario Maya. UK appearances include The National Theatre, ICA, BBC, Channel 4, Birmingham REP, Ludlow Festival, RFH, The Architect’s Association, The Purcell Room (with Eduardo Niebla), Peacock Theatre, the Lillian Bayliss theatre at Saddlers Wells, The Shaw Theatre, Glastonbury Festival, La Peña Flamenca de Londres & La Peña Flamenca de Bristol. Currently working as acoustic and classical guitar tutor at Kingsdale School, Dulwich. Tony has taught flamenco guitar classes and workshops for: IGF (International Guitar Festival), Spanish Guitar Centre, & LEDB Baile, Morley College, ‘El Mundo Flamenco’ guitar shop, & the Barbican. The SDS welcome him to the International Summer School. 
DATE:         Friday 21st – Tuesday 25th July 2017

VENUE:      The Dance Attic, 368 North End Road, Fulham,
                   London SW 16 1 LY
                  Tel: 0207 610 20 55
                  (Nearest Tube: Fulham Broadway – 5 minutes walk)

Full course Level 1A (8 – 13 year old)                              £160.00
Full course (non SDS members)                                        £190.00
SDS fully subscribed students/members (PAE-TAE)        £170.00
Daily fee (members and non-members)                                £60.00
Folk Dance                                                                                     £10.00


There will be 3 classes daily for each level. Live musicians will accompany the classes. On the last day the participants will have the opportunity to demonstrate the work that they have achieved during the course.

Kindly Note: In order to avoid over-crowded classes, participants are to choose and attend one class level throughout the course. 

LEVEL 1A (8 – 13 years old) & 1B (14 years and over & adults)
Basic Foundation/Improvers Course:
Participants should have some basic knowledge of Spanish Dance technique. Ideal for those participants wishing to strengthen their technique and style and secure their compás (SDS Ingreso - Segundo Año or up to 3 years of solid training). 
LEVEL 2 Consolidation Course
Elementary/Lower Intermediate:
Participants should have a moderate technique, a fair knowledge of Spanish Dance, an understanding of the compás and be able to ‘pick up’ fairly easily.  Ideal for those participants wishing to be challenged (SDS Tercer Año - Primer Año Estudiante or 4-6 years solid training).

LEVEL 3Performance Course
Higher Intermediate/Advanced/Teachers:
Participants should have a solid technique and compás, sound knowledge of Spanish Dance and be able to learn at a good pace. Ideal for participants wishing to work at a high level (SDS Segundo Año Estudiante - Tercer Año Estudiante or over 7 years of solid training).


First day:    Please register between 10.00 – 10.40am

First day:    Welcome to the faculty 10.45am

Please watch the board daily for timetable and general information.

Please register daily (fire regulations).

Alejandro Molinero and guest artists will be appearing with Flamenco Express Company whose director is La Joaquina.
Date:          21st July 2017
Venue:       The Red Hedgehog, 255 – 257 Archway Road, Highgate, London N6 5BS 



Date:          23rd July 2017
Time:          10.00 - 10.45
Venue:        The Dance Attic, London

The meeting is open to fully subscribed SDS student members and SDS Teachers. Please support the AGM.

  Download Spanish Dance Society International Summer Course application form here




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